Mall Intersection closed for 5 months for D-Ring Road development works

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has requested motorists to pay attention to the temporary traffic closure at the Nuaija Intersection, also known as The Mall Intersection, for five months. 

"Please use alternative routes and stick to the speed limits. Have a safe drive," the MoI tweeted on Sunday.

The closure comes as part of the D-Ring Road development works being undertaken by the Public Works Authority (Ashghal).

The project is aimed at improving traffic at the three main intersections of D-Ring Road and providing free-flowing vehicular movement. This will be done by increasing the number of lanes at the Fereej Al Ali Intersection (known as Al Tadamon Intersection) and Nuaija (Mall) Intersection, while free-flowing traffic will also be provided at the signal known as LuLu Intersection, according to Ashghal.

The improvements at these intersections will reduce congestion in the area, especially at Al Tadamon Intersection, which currently witnesses high traffic volume.

An underpass with three lanes in each direction will be constructed at Fereej Al Ali Intersection to provide free-flowing traffic on D-Ring Road. The existing signalised junction will be improved by increasing the number of lanes from three to four in each direction at the intersection with Al Montazah Street, which will significantly increase traffic capacity at the intersection and provide free-flowing traffic.

The Nuaija (Mall) Intersection will be improved by increasing the number of lanes on D-Ring Road to four in each direction, thereby increasing traffic capacity at the intersection.

The LuLu Intersection will be improved by allowing free-flowing traffic coming from Airport Road towards Fereej Al Ali Intersection along D-Ring Road, while keeping the traffic light in the opposite direction.

Accordingly, Ashghal had announced a six-month partial closure of the junction known as LuLu Intersection from August 23 to carry out project works. The authority later announced the start of work on upgrading the Fereej Al Ali Intersection as well.

Closures necessitated by the D-Ring Road project are being implemented by Ashghal in co-ordination with the General Directorate of Traffic, MoI.

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