'World-class shopping experience' awaits public at new LuLu outlet

From a vast retail area to ample parking space and several in-store innovations, the new LuLu Hypermarket in Abu Sidra Mall provides a "world-class shopping experience".

The innovative features include Planet Y, Zero-waste refill station, Super Food Pantry, Love you Honey and more.

* Arguably the largest and the biggest hypermarket in the world?

"While it is debatable whether it is the largest store of its kind in the retail sector, it is no doubt the largest and the biggest hypermarket within the Group, with a vast high-quality retail space of 24,000sqm assuring social distancing and safety as its paramount importance to its shoppers," LuLu Group said in a statement.

The outlet is the 15th store of LuLu Group in the (Qatar) region, making it the 215th outlet overall. With 2,000 parking spaces, the new store "welcomes shoppers to drive in for a world-class shopping experience".








* Planet Y

LuLu is the first retailer to open a vegan hypermarket destination with a service counter entirely dedicated to plant-based products with meat-free options and meat-free butchery.

* Zero-waste refill station:

Two aisles in the store are completely dedicated to refills where shoppers can buy refillable containers, use a paper bag or bring their own container. Customers can refill the products such as tea, cereals, pasta and other essentials. This initiative will encourage to reduce and recycle. Major brands such as 24 Mantra, Organic Tattva, Agrofino, Somerset, White’s and Pasta Toscana are currently available in the refill aisles.

* Super Food Pantry:

Nutritious food doesn’t have to be expensive. The dedicated pantry is an affordable everyday super food aisle.

* Free From Worries

Free from sugar, preservatives and other additives, the 'Free From' area offers the best products sourced from around the globe. You can also find items for specific diets here, including Keto, Gluten Free, Vegan and more.

* Love you Honey:

The honey section is stocked with a gourmet collection of the best honey from around the world, including Georgia, Yemen, Iran, India, Turkey, Ukraine and Germany, to name a few places. Varieties include Acacia Honey, Golden Road Honey, Chestnut Honey, Linder Honey, Sider Malaki Royal Honey, DoanSomar Honey, Doan Sider Honey, Abed Wild Mountain Honey, 7Bahar, 7Bahar Honey Comb, Beehive Honey, Beehive Blossom Honey, Natural Honey from Pakistan, Langnese Manuka and Langnese Royal Jelly.

* The Internet of Things:

"LuLu Abu Sidra is your go-to for smart home accessories. A Smart Home means a smarter and more comfortable lifestyle. And to help update, upgrade and get your fridge to tell you when you need to stock up on ingredients or your home to be in an energy-saving zone or even if you want a security grid with CCTV on your mobile phone – the IoT options can be explored in the 'Thing', LuLu’s

2,000sqf IoT department," the statement noted.

The new store has a department dedicated to the Internet of Things and Smart home devices that will demystify the Internet of things in the concept of a Smart Home.

* LuLu Cookery School

The new LuLu has a dedicated space in store for cookery demonstrations and lessons by visiting celebrity chefs, local food experts, influencers and bloggers as well as LuLu’s own chefs. Sessions will be in person and virtual.

* Celebrating World Foods

As with all LuLu Hypermarket outlets, the Abu Sidra hypermarket will also have the tastiest and most authentic world gourmet foods. This includes "our first sushi counter and a dedicated kimchi selection".

*All Our Favourite Things:

Artisanal breads and custom-made cakes in the in-store bakery, the largest fresh produce space, a delicatessen with global cold cuts, condiments and cheeses, state-of-the-art seafood (a destination for the pescatarians) and meat chillers and display areas – one will be spoilt for choice.

• Fashion-forward Glamour:

Whether it is easy, smart-casual high street style or designer wear under the LuLu ‘Celebrations’ label, one can update his/her wardrobe for everyday chic and for special occasions with some of the best ‘looks’ in the runways of the world.

• Value-For-Money LuLu Fashion Brands:

The popular LuLu REO brand, the Eyexpress eyewear brand that "brings swag to your vision" and BLSH, the high-quality cosmetics range, will all be available to "pump up your style quotient".

• A Connection to Digital Progress:

The digital accessories for a well-connected life have never been more important: laptops, smartphones and HD televisions, smart home appliances and more. All these can be found in LuLu Connect, the branded digital marketplace of the hypermarket.

As seen on GulfTimes  Image Credits GulfTimes