Winners of 15th Scientific Excellence Award announced

The Organising Committee of the Scientific Excellence Award has announced the names of the winners of its 15th session, who will be honoured at the awards closing ceremony on March 2.

This was revealed during a press conference held by the committee Wednesday, during which the Acting CEO of the Scientific Excellence Award Ali Abdullah al-Buainain, announced the names of the 72 winners out of a total of 267 applicants, in addition to the medals they won in different categories.

These categories include: the Scientific Excellence Award for primary and preparatory students, high school students, university graduates, and holders of master's and doctoral degrees, in addition to the distinguished teacher, distinguished school and distinguished scientific research awards.

Al-Buainain said that the results showed that 16 students out of 41 participants won the outstanding student category for the primary stage, while four students out of 13, won in the distinguished student category for the preparatory stage, and in the distinguished student category for the secondary certificate, 12 students won out of 31 participants.

Al-Buainain explained that some amendments were made to the Scientific Excellence Award for this year, the most important of which is expanding the base of participation for students of general education, and allowing Qatari students studying abroad to submit applications for candidacy, stressing that every change attached to the award aims to overcome difficulties for those wishing to compete.

He pointed out that the Academic Excellence Award includes a programme entitled, "Ambassadors of Excellence", through which training takes place according to the prepared plan, and which has proven its positive and effective role in educating, supporting and motivating outstanding students wishing to compete for the award.

He stressed that the Scientific Excellence Award has become a competitive symbol among the people of Qatar, and wished that all the honoured and distinguished students for this year maintain their distinction, and that they continue to exert their utmost effort to leave distinct imprints for the future.

The Acting CEO of the Scientific Excellence Award reviewed the efforts of the organising committee in the various stages of the award, for the edition, despite the coronavirus pandemic, and also the workshops it organised electronically to introduce the award through the Times programme, which led to an increase in demand in the university student category which reached 80 candidates, and which is the largest number in this category over the years.

For his part, the member of the Executive Committee of the Scientific Excellence Award Omar Thabet al-Yafei, noted the wide participation in this edition of the award, and stressed the importance of competition for excellence to serve the country.

The Scientific Excellence Award aims to recognise, honour and celebrate the distinguished students of Qatar, deepen the concepts of excellence and to encourage all individuals and educational institutions to develop their performance, promote positive trends towards knowledge and scientific research, as well as to instill a spirit of innovation among students, researchers and educational institutions.

This award will contribute to promoting creativity and excellence in the Qatari society, and in deepening the concepts of excellence and creativity by adopting international standards, implementing quality programmes, and achieving the integration of individual and institutional efforts to improve the outcomes of the educational process in Qatar.

It is an award that aims to push students to further excellence and outstanding educational achievement, as well as to bring them to global levels and standards.

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