QSC establishes sterilisation unit in cooperation with HMC

Doha: Qatar Scientific Club (QSC) has announced manufacturing a mobile sterilisation unit that utilises third generation UV light with wavelength rays, in cooperation with Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC). 

The sterilisation unit is an ideal solution to eliminate viruses and bacteria and is used effectively to eliminate COVID-19, based on established scientific research. It destroys the virus’s DNA, which eliminates it or makes it ineffective, by producing rays that have a short wavelength ray, starting from (253nm), a 360-degree circular coverage, and a power of 300 watts, which directly affects the DNA of the living organism. 

The device allows easy sterilisation and disinfection of rooms and corridors of hospitals, schools, government buildings, shopping places, and closed public spaces, with an efficiency rate above 95%. The device has been fixed to a remote-controlled robot connected to control and guidance centers. 

The robot is able to move freely into different halls and corridors to sterilize them.

From the early beginning of the outbreak of COVID-19, QSC has believed that it should play a significant role in controlling the pandemic, as an entity that supports innovation and innovators out of its community responsibility. In order to translate such responsibility into a reality, it formed an internal, specialized committee to follow up on the project and products related to controlling the pandemic.

To orchestrate the efforts and raise the quality of such products, a higher joint committee has been formed from the management of the QSC and HMC, headed by Head of Health Facilities Development and Acting Head of Business Services, Hamad Al Khalifa; Head of Infection Control, Dr. Nasser Al Ansari and Omar Hasanat. 

The committee aims to achieve cooperation in implementing the projects and providing appropriate advice. 

The QSC did not only design and implement the personal protective gear, but also designed, developed, and implemented robots, to control the risk of the spread of the coronavirus.

Head of Infection Control at HMC, Dr. Nasser Al Ansari said that he was closely watching the equipment the QSC had made to help the medical staff control the outbreak of the coronavirus. 

He said that the device could be fixed to a robot, to safely sterilize different buildings and facilities by controlling the robot through a high-precision control system. He described it as a real achievement and the outcome of cooperation and sharing expertise between HMC and QSC.

Eng. Rashed Al Rahimi said that based on the need during the second wave of the coronavirus, in cooperation with doctors, and with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports and Kahramaa, a sterilization device had been manufactured in the QSC’s laboratories.

As seen on Peninsula Qatar  Image Credits Peninsula Qatar