Plasma treatment helps improve oxygen level of COVID-19 patients in 2-3 days: Qatar health official

Doha: The Medical Director of the Communicable Disease Center (CDC), Dr Muna Al Maslamani has said that blood plasma treatment helped improve the oxygen level of the patients of COVID-19 within two to three days.

“The clinical x-ray reports found improvement in the chest problem of the patients who received the plasma treatments,” said Dr Muna Al Maslamani while talking to an Al Rayan TV programme.

She said that Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) started using blood plasma to treat some COVID-19 cases at its Communicable Diseases Center (CDC) for a week.

Speaking about the reasons for growing number of positive cases of coronavirus in the country Dr Muna said: “The main reason for increasing the number of infected people as we said earlier that the coronavirus reached on peak hitting Qatar and other countries in the region.”

She said that no one can predict about what will happen next but growth in cases is expected to continue till the beginning of May then it will decrease once again.

“The second reason of growing number of positive cases is expansion of screening and tracing the chain of infection in certain segments of the society by the medical teams of the Ministry of Public Health,” said Dr Muna.

She said that third reason behind growing positive cases is intensifying efforts of at random screening for those in the contacts of positive cases of coronavirus and others for early detection to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Replying to a question on restoring the life to normalcy, she said it is difficult to say when the life return to normal, it might take few months or more.

“But if state’s preventive and precautionary measures were not put in place, then restoring normalcy would have taken more time than what is expected,” said Dr Muna.

As seen on Peninsula Qatar  Image Credits Peninsula Qatar