'Transport sector did World Cup simulation during Arab Cup '21'

* HE the Minister of Transport Jassim Seif Ahmed al-Sulaiti speaks about how the different modes of transport were put to test during the just concluded Arab Cup to determine their readiness for FIFA World Cup 2022


The experiences accrued by the public transport sector during the recent FIFA Arab Cup Qatar 2021 served as a real simulation for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 , HE the Minister of Transport Jassim Seif Ahmed al-Sulaiti told Qatar TV. "We deployed more than 200 electric buses for FIFA Arab Cup and will launch another 800 before the World Cup," he said, while explaining that for diesel vehicles, the most environment-friendly Euro 5 engine standard has been chosen.

"Both on the rail and more than 4,000 Karwa buses more than 3mn passengers were transported, in a real test similar to that for the World Cup. We tested the system as a whole, whether the buses worked for school transport, the Arab Cup or public transport. "The Ministry of Transport is working to implement the vision of His Highness the Amir to make Qatar a pioneer in all aspects of the sector. We are going to witness the more progress from now on to 2030. Qatar Airways’ expansion will continue, maintaining its position as one of the best airlines in the world."

HE al-Sulaiti said the ministry's mission is to enhance the transport network, which includes paths for bicycles, pedestrians and all those who use the roads. All transport projects implemented by Ashghal are according to the best international standards in security, safety and performance, if not higher.

"Some of our roads have higher standards than the international ones. The comprehensive plan that we established in 2019 is now being implemented by Ashghal, and we see it progressing constantly."

Regarding the food security silos being constructed at Hamad Port by his ministry, HE al-Sulaiti said they are expected to be delivered in 2022. "It is the largest food complex in the region, for a population of over 3mn people, and holding three main supplies: rice, sugar and edible oils," he added.

Civil aviation sector

Qatar's civil aviation sector is preparing, in co-ordination with the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), to accommodate the heavy air traffic expected during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, HE the Minister of Transport Jassim Seif Ahmed al-Sulaiti told Qatar TV. "The civil aviation system is constantly updated, but the biggest update took place during the last two years and the current year. New radar systems, natural simulations, and paths will be developed. An integrated flight plan exists for the region and we will try to implement it during the World Cup."

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