QRCS, Qatar Airways distribute Iftar food baskets in Jordan and Gaza

Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS), with funding from Qatar Airways, has distributed food baskets in Jordan and Gaza. “I am the head of a 5-member family. Being an old person who faces difficulty finding a job, I am struggling to secure food and housing for my children,” said Hajj Maher Haytham (67), describing his suffering as the humanitarian situation in Gaza is getting worse.

He was a recipient of a food basket distributed by Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS), with funding from Qatar Airways, under the former’s Ramadan Iftar project in Gaza. Having been subject to several openheart surgeries, Haytham is unfit for work due to fragile health.

He commended this benevolent donation in Ramadan, calling for more and more support for Gaza’s poor population. Hossam Abo El Kheir, Deputy General Manager of Districts, the Ministry of Social Development of Gaza, said they had already distributed hundreds of food baskets to the poorest families of the blockade. This contribution from QRCS and Qatar Airways would be of great help for many disabled, older, and jobless persons.

Each basket contained 20 food staples, including milk, cheese, rice, sugar, and vegetable oil. Distributions were made in a manner that ensured maximum safety and protection against Coronavirus infection.

“The beneficiaries were selected according to a set of criteria, based on a socioeconomic status assessment for each beneficiary, done earlier in the project,” Abo El Kheir explained. At the same time, Qatar Airways supported QRCS’s Ramadan Iftar project in Jordan, delivering food baskets to hundreds of poor Syrian and Jordanian families, in order to meet their needs during the holy month of Ramadan.

These distributions fall under QRCS’s Ramadan Campaign 1441 A.H., which involves many humanitarian operations in Qatar and 22 other countries, for the benefit of one million refugees and displaced and needy persons.

Qatar Airways has recently allocated 100,000 free flight tickets for health care providers, in recognition of their heroic efforts being at the forefront of the coronavirus pandemic fighting around the world.

As seen on Peninsula Qatar  Image Credits Peninsula Qatar