Qatar Resident enters Golden Book of World Records for his Music Project



Dr. Prabhakara Viswakarma Govindachari, a resident of Qatar has set a world record for his music based project on sexual well-being and has entered the prestigious “Golden Book of World Records”. He is a practicing Dermatologist with a keen interest in music and behavioral sciences. 

The project emphasizes the importance of music created according to the process of the human physiology of lovemaking by eliciting the response of emotional calmness,  peace, romance, and love.

There are 4 albums, each lasting for 2 hours.

1. Romance

2. Passion

3. Seduction 

4. Lust

Available on Itunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon,, and most online streaming platforms.

The tracks are using Indian classical music instruments.

Dr.Prabhakara intends to produce similar tracks using Arabic and Western musical instruments also.