Qatar Airways Collaborates with The Royal Foundation's United for Wildlife

Doha, Qatar: Qatar Airways has proclaimed its dedication as the Official Airline Partner of United for Wildlife (UfW), a movement devoted to combatting the illicit wildlife trade and safeguarding endangered species. Founded by Prince William and The Royal Foundation of The Prince and Princess of Wales in 2014, United for Wildlife aims to tackle these critical issues. The collaboration emphasizes Qatar Airways’ steadfast commitment to wildlife conservation, working alongside UfW to spearhead campaigns and initiatives aligned with their shared vision of curbing the illegal wildlife trade and supporting the United for Wildlife Regional Chapters.

Engr. Badr Mohammed Al-Meer, the Group Chief Executive of Qatar Airways, expressed the urgency and severity of the illegal wildlife trade's threats to global biodiversity and safety. He stressed the company's responsibility to disrupt this unlawful activity, highlighting the preservation of ecosystems and biodiversity. The partnership, Al-Meer stated, signifies Qatar Airways' dedication to the Buckingham Palace Declaration and reinforces their resolve to protect wildlife. The union with United for Wildlife and its collaborative approach echoes Qatar Airways' mission and their commitment to raising awareness about the devastating impacts of illegal wildlife trade, reinforcing efforts through their Qatar Airways Cargo – WeQare Rewild the Planet initiative to safeguard the world's most vulnerable species.

Amanda Berry OBE, CEO of The Royal Foundation of The Prince and Princess of Wales, commended Qatar Airways' ongoing contributions in combatting the illegal wildlife trade and preserving biodiversity. Berry lauded their participation in United for Wildlife's Transport Taskforce, recognizing their exceptional dedication in preventing wildlife trafficking. Their elevated level of support as the Official Airline Partner is a testament to their unwavering commitment to thwarting the illicit trade and preserving biodiversity for future generations.

Qatar Airways Cargo introduced the WeQare chapter: Rewild the Planet initiative in 2020, promoting environmental balance by providing free transportation services to entities involved in returning wild animals to their natural habitat. Noteworthy achievements, such as the successful transportation of seven lions from Ukraine in 2021, signify the airline's firm commitment to supporting conservation organizations in their crucial efforts to rewild the planet.

Qatar Airways is the inaugural airline to attain the industry standard certification for preventing illegal wildlife trafficking in aviation. This certification confirms the airline's robust procedures, staff training, and reporting protocols that aid in the detection of illegal wildlife products. Qatar Airways Group maintains a zero-tolerance policy toward illegal wildlife transportation and has empowered its employees with the Illegal Wildlife Trade Awareness training to identify and respond effectively to trafficking activities.

Participating in the United for Wildlife Global Summit in Singapore underscores Qatar Airways' sustainability initiatives and responsibilities, encouraging other entities to join in their commitment to preserving the planet's biodiversity. This alignment with UfW showcases the airline's dedication to these vital conservation efforts and encourages collective action to protect Earth's invaluable biodiversity.