Qatar Achieves Ninth Place Globally in Electric Vehicle Readiness Rankings

Doha, Qatar: Qatar has earned a place among the top 10 global leaders in electric vehicle (EV) readiness, securing the 9th position in the Global Electric Mobility Readiness Index (GEMRIX) 2023. This index is a comprehensive assessment of EV mobility readiness, compiled by Arthur D Little (ADL), and its latest edition, GEMRIX 2023, examined 35 markets across all continents, making it the most extensive EV market readiness indicator in the industry.

Qatar's impressive ranking is a testament to its commitment to advancing sustainable mobility in alignment with the goals of Qatar's National Environment and Climate Change Strategy and QNV2030. To achieve this vision, the Ministry of Transport (MoT) is actively promoting innovative, environmentally friendly mobility solutions to support holistic development in the country. This initiative is part of a well-crafted, integrated strategy by the MoT, aiming for a gradual transition of the public bus system to 100% electric buses by 2030.

Qatar is already making significant progress in this direction, with approximately 70% of operating buses being electric. The country boasts an integrated electric charging infrastructure, positioning it among the world's leading nations with a zero-carbon transportation sector. This transition results in reduced energy consumption, lower harmful emissions, a smaller carbon footprint, and an overall enhancement in the quality of life for the population.

To further bolster these efforts, the MoT is actively engaged in studying the standards and specifications for electric vehicles (EVs) in collaboration with relevant authorities. Their goal is to establish and approve minimum technical specifications and safety standards for EVs. The creation of a specialized center for inspecting and verifying EV specifications and conformity, as well as the issuance of the required approval certificates, is also in progress.

In addition to these initiatives, the MoT has introduced an Autonomous Vehicles Strategy to regulate the use of such vehicles in Qatar. This strategy seeks to provide intelligent and eco-conscious transit systems, further elevating Qatar's global position in adopting e-mobility, supporting innovation, and staying at the forefront of eco-friendly mobility industry advancements.