Doha Metro Introduces New Metrolink Service: Enhancing Connectivity and Convenience

Doha Metro, Qatar's state-of-the-art transportation system, continues to expand its services to provide seamless connectivity and enhanced convenience for residents and visitors alike. In its latest development, Doha Metro is set to launch a new metrolink service, M303, commencing from Sunday, June 4, 2023. The addition of this route aims to further improve accessibility and streamline transportation options for commuters in the vibrant city of Doha. 

The newly introduced M303 metrolink route will commence from Bin Mahmoud station, offering commuters a convenient means of reaching various destinations within the city. The route consists of 13 strategically located bus stops, allowing passengers to access key areas such as Al Khaleej Street, B-Ring Road (near Rawdat Al Khail Health Center), Al Betteel Street (near Dusit D2), C-Ring Road (near Turkish Hospital), and The Westin Doha area. This comprehensive network of bus stops ensures that commuters can easily reach their desired destinations with minimal hassle.

One of the notable features of the metrolink service is that it is completely free for passengers. However, users are required to download the free QR Code on the Karwa Journey Planner App, available for both Android and iOS devices. This seamless ticketing process ensures that passengers can access the metrolink service effortlessly and enjoy a hassle-free commute.

Operating Hours:

To cater to the diverse needs of passengers, the metrolink service operates on a comprehensive schedule. From Sunday to Wednesday, the service is available from 5:30 am until 11:59 pm, offering convenient transportation options throughout the day. On Thursdays, the service extends its operating hours until 1 am. Fridays have a revised schedule, with the metrolink service starting from 2 pm and continuing until 1 am the following day. Saturdays follow a similar schedule as weekdays, operating from 6 am until 11:59 pm.

The Doha Metro system, including its metrolink service, has significantly transformed the way people travel in Doha. With its cutting-edge technology, modern infrastructure, and efficient operations, the metro has become a preferred mode of transportation for residents and tourists alike. By expanding its services and introducing new metrolink routes, Doha Metro aims to provide seamless connectivity, reduce traffic congestion, and offer a comfortable and reliable transportation option for all.

To learn more about Doha Metro and its various services, including the metrolink, please visit the official Doha Metro website: Doha Metro. Additionally, you can download the Karwa Journey Planner App on Android or iOS to access the metrolink service and plan your journeys efficiently.

The introduction of the new metrolink service, M303, by Doha Metro marks another significant milestone in Qatar's transportation landscape. With its extensive route network, convenient ticketing process, and flexible operating hours, the metrolink service enhances connectivity and convenience for commuters in Doha. As the city continues to grow and thrive, Doha Metro remains committed to providing world-class transportation solutions that meet the evolving needs of its residents and visitors. By seamlessly integrating the metro and metrolink services, Doha Metro continues to contribute to a sustainable and efficient transportation system, making Doha a more accessible and connected city for all.