Ministry sets retail prices for fish, fruits and vegetables

Various government departments have stepped up their efforts to control the spread of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) among Qatar residents and taken necessary measures to curb any attempts by retailers to exploit the expected increase in demand for different consumer and food items.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) issued two decisions Friday. The first is to set the maximum permitted retail prices for fruits and vegetables, and the second for locally produced fish and seafood in the local market.

The decisions are applicable until March 31, and can be extended further if required. The MoCI affirmed that any violations of such decisions or failing to abide by the set maximum price for such items would entail the violators all the penalties stipulated by the related laws and regulations applicable in the country.

All retail outlets and other shops throughout the country will have to abide by prices indicated in the lists issued by the MoCI Friday. The MoCI had earlier pointed out that it will intensify inspections to exercise tighter control on the local market and ensure that consumers get all the necessary services and goods at the announced prices, and curb any attempts to exceed the permitted reasonable rates.

In case any retailer or shop is spotted attempting to violate these decisions, a violation report will be issued by the MoCI department concerned and all the necessary legal procedures taken accordingly in co-operation with the relevant entities.

On Wednesday MoCI issued a related decision setting the maximum retail price for all disinfectant and sanitising items in the market with a full list of such products, alongside the maximum permitted price and description and quantity of each type and brand.

MoCI has issued a circular to all retailers and shops in the country to strictly abide by the set health precautionary measures to guarantee the full safety and protection of both their staff and customers against any chances of transmitting Covid-19 and limit its spread.

In the meantime, the Ministry of Municipality and Environment's Agriculture Affairs Department has kept the five yards for selling local agriculture products operational all days of the week, instead of the earlier three days, to give consumers full and easy access to reasonably priced, high quality fresh products with uninterrupted supply of good quantities directly from the local farms daily.

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