Traffic signs in Qatar

Driving in Qatar can be challenging at times! Cars are left-hand driven, and even though roads are generally in good condition, heavy traffic can cause unprecedented delays. There are Speed cameras on the road that detect high speeds and you will be slapped with a fine if you are flashed. Try to avoid the ring roads at rush hour.

Driving hazards in Qatar

Qatar driving might also mean facing some fewer familiar hazards like:

  • Thick sandstorms that quickly engulf roads, reducing visibility dangerously
  • Camels wandering across unlit roads at night are a potentially deadly obstacle.
  • The scorching summer sun is a real health risk.


Applying common sense is the best way for driving in Qatar. Always keep the car in good condition and follow the traffic signs in Qatar. The bilingual (Arabic and English) road signs are easy to follow.

Practice safe driving in Qatar! Get to know the traffic signs along the roads in Qatar and you can do it! There are a lot of traffic signs installed on the roads by the Qatar General Directorate of Traffic to facilitate the driving process and protect the lives of citizens. Traffic signs convey important information that the driver should take note of. These signs portray a salient role in directing, informing and controlling vehicle users’ behaviour. Our mission is to make the roads as safe as possible for everyone in Qatar.

Traffic signs in Qatar include three sections: Regulatory, Warning, and Guide signs.


Regulatory signs:

These road signs in Qatar are used to indicate or enforce traffic laws, regulations or requirements which are applicable either at all times or at specified times or places in a street or highway. Disregarding these signs may constitute a violation. These traffic signs prevent wrong driving, and promote safety. Stop, Yield, Speed Limit, Do Not Enter, Handicapped, One Way, compulsory left, compulsory right and HOV Signs are some examples of Regulatory signs. They come as circles with a blue background and the sign marked in white.

Warning signs:

The Warning signs in Qatar make the driver aware that there is a certain risk on the road. They are usually placed much before the risk at a certain distance so that the driver can take timely precautions. He can take deviation to a different road or lessen speed much before facing the hazard.

Equilateral triangles with a white background and thick red border depict Warning signs and the warning is usually marked black in colour. Obeying these warning signs is very important to preserve the lives of drivers and citizens, and to reduce traffic accidents.

Guide Signs in Qatar

These signs provide road users with general information about facilities and services that are available along the roadway. Different types of guide road signs are commonly used in freeway corridors in Qatar. The road users can stop and avail various services following these signs.

New drivers or riders should have knowledge about traffic signs to pass their theory test for getting a driving license. All road users, including experienced professional drivers should know this as well. Happy & safe driving to you from!