In order to enhance the skills levels of its exceedingly performing Chefs to international standards, Teyseer Services Company launched a novel training initiative in culinary sciences. Even though the program is known as CSTP [ Culinary Skills Training program], the aim was to mold and develop few endowed chefs with excellent learning capabilities as specialized chefs in international cuisines. The L&D committee did an all-embracing search within the organization to identify those employees who have inordinate interest in learning new things with high ambition to grow. The L&D Committee felt that the training program can be fruitful only if the trainees are not only interested in learning new skills but also exceedingly interested in climbing the further steps of success ladder. Teyseer Services Company believes that the trainees can do marvels if they are interested in rising in their profession rather than in their jobs. The 8 months program not only covered topics like international cuisines, Plate presentations, Menu Compiling but also Food Cost management for producing international cuisines with low cost. There were rigorous assessments/evaluations from the beginning. Out of 10 chefs underwent the training, 5 cleared all assessments and were awarded by the management. Those who were unsuccessful in their assessments have to undergo three months of re-training and pass the evaluations once more. The program was started on 16th February 2020 and ended on 10th October. On 15th October 2020 the Management of Teyseer Services Company organized a certification program at their AK1 central production unit and presented all successful chefs with certificates and gifts. Those who were unsuccessful were also awarded participation certificates and were invigorated to continue the training to become successful in the next assessment. The awarding function was kick started with a presentation on the entire program by Mr.Sudharsan Sathyam, Training Manager followed by inspirational talks by Mr.Francois Pujo, General Manager, Mr.Andrew Thomas, Project Manager and Mr.Jad Abou Khalil, Director of Operations. The program was concluded by Mr.Ganesh Shenoy, HR Manager by giving vote of thanks. Mr.Om Mahato, Executive Chef who was the main trainer of this event was honored during the program.