Required Smartcard Scanning Implementation on Metrolink Services Starting Next Month

Doha, Qatar: Karwa has officially announced that, commencing October 1, 2023, the mandatory practice of tapping in and out will be enforced for Metrolink services.

Commuters can utilize either the Karwa Smartcard or the Karwa Journey Planner App's QR code feature for this requirement. Importantly, the service will continue to be provided free of charge.

To utilize the Karwa Journey Planner App, passengers are required to sign in to the app and subsequently download an e-ticket before boarding the bus. This QR ticket only needs to be downloaded once and remains valid for all Metrolink journeys, as emphasized by Karwa.

Upon downloading the Metrolink QR ticket, a distinctive golden QR code will be displayed. Commuters are instructed to scan this QR code on the ticket reader as they both board and disembark from the bus.

Accessing the QR Code Ticket can be conveniently done either from the swipeable home screen or within the 'Card Management' section of the app