Qatar resident’s painting “Lionel Messi” bagged an international award.

Qatar resident Ganesh Shenoy’s painting titled "Lionel Messi" won the finalist award in an international juried visual arts competition conducted by Camelback Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. There were more than 600 entries from artists around the world, and 121 artists from 15 countries were selected for an international exhibition and awards. The criteria for selection of artworks for awards/exhibition were originality, quality of work, technical skill., and the artistic message conveyed through the artworks.

"Lionel Messi" is a pointillism-style, mixed media artwork on a 21 X 29.7 cm paper card and was created by the artist on the day of the semifinal match between Argentina and Croatia.

Ganesh Shenoy uses many mediums and styles while painting. His favourite styles are pointillism, kinetic pointillism, optical illusion, mosaic, and expressionism. Ganesh has never sold his paintings for personal gain. He always donates his paintings to philanthropic organizations so that they can sell them and utilize the proceeds for charity work. Ganesh Shenoy is from Mangalore, India, and has been a resident of Doha, Qatar, since 2007.