Qatar Red Crescent Society intensifies Ramadan campaign assistance for vulnerable families

Doha: Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) is going on with its Ramadan Campaign 1441 A.H., under the slogan of "It is Better and Greater in Reward", which has been widely received by the public, the media, newspapers, social media, and websites.

This year, the Ramadan Iftar project involves the distribution of food baskets and fresh meals, instead of the traditional Ramadan Iftar tents. All health precautions are taken to prevent gatherings, as part of QRCS's large scale work to control Coronavirus (COVID-19), particularly at quarantine facilities and highly populated districts.

Around 800 female volunteers and 400 male volunteers are engaged in the distribution of readymade Iftar meals, driven by a spirit of social responsibility among the youth in the face of the coronavirus crisis.

So far, over 55,000 Iftar meals were given to beneficiaries across the country. The meals are sealed well and distributed safely. Masks and gloves are used throughout the phases of implementation, from the preparation of food to handover.

QRCS's Humanitarian Services Fund meets the needs of the vulnerable families negatively affected by the Coronavirus lockdown. A total of 27,500 food baskets are made available to the eligible families through the branches of LuLu Hypermarket.

Other Ramadan food assistance projects conducted by QRCS include Ramadan Meera, Clothe and Feed Them and Double Reward. These projects are intended to meet the increasing demand for food items, especially amid the persistent Coronavirus pandemic.

QRCS has achieved 80 percent, or QR 9 million, of its overall fundraising target of QR 12 million. Individual and institutional donors are urged to give to charity, to enable QRCS to implement more social welfare projects, such as Eid Clothing, an important source of help for the vulnerable families.

A Secret Charity scheme is launched by QRCS to allow donations to charitable activities by deductions from the mobile bill on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, including QR 1 per day to the Dig a Well project, QR 5 per day to the Treat a Patient project, QR 25 per week to the Provide Food project, QR 50 per month to the Relieve a Person in Distress, and QR 100 per month to the Support Livelihood project.

As seen on Peninsula Qatar  Image Credits Peninsula Qatar