Qatar Career Fair, a member of Qatar Foundation, yesterday launched its second Summer Career Camp for Qatari students although its annual recruitment event for the year is yet to be held. 

Abdulla Al Mansoori, Director  of the fair, told a press conference on the sidelines of the camp said that the annual recruitment fairs in the previous years are being assessed. 

“This year we didn’t announce that we are hosting (Qatar Career Fair 2014)… We are evaluating and waiting for the whole information,” Al Mansoori said in reply to a question as to why Qatar Career Fair 2014 had not been held yet. 

At Qatar Career Fair’s annual recruitment event, many companies recruit Qatari youth as trainees and develop their skills or provide them with scholarships so that they can specialise in their areas of interest. It’s usually held in April every year. 

“At Qatar Career Fair we host many activities and the recruitment fair is one of the events. Our other activities are going smooth,” said Al Mansoori. 

Many secondary school students are attending the two- week camp which aims to create an engaging experience for Qatari youth by providing them with skills that will help them make better choices when planning their future academic and career ‎paths.‎

“Through this initiative, we seek to enhance students’ confidence by guiding them to make smart decisions that reflect positively on their future professional and academic choices. 

“Through the camp, we are also able to introduce them to the labour market, as well as the various sectors within the country to highlight the needs of the state for the coming years,” said Al Mansoori. 

The camp includes visits to leading organisations across Qatar, offering students first-hand insights into the world of employment.

Two mini fairs will be held on September 4, at the end of the camp. 

One will have products by participants and the other will host around 20 organizations from several sectors such as banking, oil and gas and health to guide students with career counselling. 

“Additionally, the fair collaborates with institutions in the public and private sectors for implementation of initiatives to enable Qatar’s young people to prepare for the labour market in various fields,” said Al Mansoori. 

“We are working on the development of the fair to facilitate positive career choices for our children.”