Ooredoo launches digital restaurant platform; free for two months

Dindone POS programme co-founders Jassim al-Sulaiti and Jabr bin Khaled al-Sulaiti have announced that the company, in co-operation with Smart Management ITS Company and WallPost, is providing an integrated and comprehensive cloud-based solution specialised in running restaurants to support all companies operating in the restaurant industry and catering services through streamlined and automated day-to-day processes without human intrusion.

Jassim bin Ahmed al-Sulaiti said, “It was necessary to keep up with new technologies as one of the leading companies specialised in digital technology and due to the market need for this kind of software. Dindone POS was launched to be an integrated and comprehensive cloud-based solution that serves restaurants which will help in running restaurants anytime and anywhere.”

This cloud-based solution software understands the importance of a smoothly running restaurant to attain profits and efficiency, which is why a wide range of services are offered to your growing restaurant.

Dindone POS relies on WallPost as their expert technology partner. WallPost is a cloud-based ERP solution offering a range of integrated and practical applications used to collect, manage, and interpret data from your restaurant’s operational activities.

Dindone offers POS service, a back-office system to manage recipes, customise menu items, and generate insightful reports. This includes serving customers quickly so they don’t have to wait in line, taking orders via QR scanning, sending orders directly and automatically to the kitchen staff, accepting, managing, and tracking orders in real-time.

"Our goal is to become global and to facilitate the management of one or more restaurant chains through one centralised screen. Our five-year plan aims at global reach to more than forty countries. Agreements have already been entered with agents in 20 countries, including the State of Qatar, where the platform was recently launched with Ooredoo and integrated with WallPost ERP that covers restaurant administrative services including Accounting, Human Resources, Inventory, and Purchasing management. Moreover, they will be able to run the kitchen, restaurant-hall, and deliveries, so companies can try Dindone POS for 60 days free inside the country,” al-Sulaiti said.

The collaboration with Ooredoo allows for a 60-day free trial offer as part of the Ooredoo enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, WallPost.

Hassan al-Emadi, senior director ICT Product Development at Ooredoo, said: “We are committed to offering effective solutions to our business customers, enabling them to focus on their operations and their customers. This latest expansion of our ERP solution further enhances our portfolio of business products and services, and firmly underscores our position as the leading ICT provider in Qatar. We look forward to sharing this new module with our business customers in the F&B sector, and to showcasing just what a difference they can make to business operations.”

Al-Sulaiti said, “This platform solves all the problems facing food companies and the restaurant industry. It tracks and speeds up the ordering process by linking restaurants and delivery applications, provides clients with full data including a kitchen display system to manage and send orders from one screen, checkout and payments that are integrated to accept multiple payment methods like split payments, staff payroll, and provide you with professional support with a step by step guide, remote maintenance, and a support team at your service at all times.”

He also stressed the importance of this platform as it provides integrated contemporary solutions that serve the industry.

Jabr bin Khaled al-Sulaiti said Dindone POS is an advanced technological system that includes handling orders and following them up automatically. In addition to an improved system for booking tables, printing, and displaying orders in preparation. Moreover, prompt sales follow-up and availability of analytical tools, providing an App that is specifically designed for catering staff with the ability to order food digitally.

Al-Sulaiti explained that this module provides a wide range of features integrated with the WallPost ERP solution that helps in further streamlining the internal procedures, which enhances operational efficiency and achieves higher levels of customer satisfaction, team management is integrated with the HR module, saves time and costs, and builds strong and sustainable bonds with clients and secures access to all data anytime and anywhere with only a few clicks.

“This process of linking orders and delivery applications makes it easier for clients to track their orders, saves time and effort in searching, and speeds up the process of receiving orders,” al-Sulaiti added.

Dindone POS services are offered to clients hassle-free considering the user-friendliness and reliability of Dindone POS.

The services match today’s fast-paced business world and consider the diversity that comes with doing business, which is why multi-currencies are accepted to cater to clients around the world.

Additionally, the design of the platform takes into account the SME market and caters to them through many subscriptions suitable for any business size with options to customise and pay as you grow, which makes Dindone POS accessible to clients and their customers.

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