Ministry reiterates Ehteraz status process for those coming from low-risk countries

Doha: Ministry of Public Health explained that Ehteraz status for passengers returning from low-risk countries will be yellow till they complete their seven-day quarantine and get a negative result in the swab test. 

On its social media, the ministry stated that passengers arriving from low-risk countries have their Ehteraz status set to yellow for the full duration of their seven-day home quarantine.

They must perform a swab test on day six and their Ehteraz status will not turn green until day seven after the swab test has been performed and a negative result has been verified.

It added that returning passengers cannot have the swab test earlier than day six.

The MOPH further stated that this process helps to reduce the risk of returning travelers bringing the virus back into Qatar and passing it on to other members of the community.

As seen on Peninsula Qatar  Image Credits Peninsula Qatar