QRCS rehabilitates six COVID-19 health care centres in Yemen

Doha: Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) has launched a project to restore and equip six health centres in Sanaa and Taiz, Yemen, in order to provide health care services for COVID-19 patients.

Being part of QRCS’s ongoing efforts to back the failing health sector of Yemen, this project is funded from the revenue of the fundraising campaign launched in commemoration of the late Jaber Al Masoud.

Under phase 1, two quarantine/isolation facilities are being supported at the Al Thawra General Hospital in Sanaa and the Al Jomhouri University Hospital in Taiz. Later, another four centres will be supported under phase 2 —  Al Thawra Hospital, Al Jomhouri Hospital (Sanaa), Al Salam Hospital and Yemen Red Crescent Hospital (Taiz).

These were selected from a list of 38 health centres designated by Yemen’s Ministry of Health and Population and the Yemen Health Cluster as COVID-19 quarantine facilities.

Mohamed Al Waziza, the project’s manager, said, “With $593,501 funding from QRCS, the project contributes to six quarantine facilities, to save the lives of COVID-19 patients. It involves supplying intensive care units (ICUs) with ventilators, DC shocks, anaesthesia, vital signs monitors, X-ray and ultrasound imaging machines, and other medical equipment, medications, and laboratory solutions.

Also, the project involves premises restoration and maintenance, to enable the centres to offer high-quality treatment services in light of the nature of the pandemic.

Director of the Al Jomhouri General University Hospital in Taiz Dr. Nashwan Al Hossami commended QRCS’s efforts: “Today, QRCS is making a new contribution to its health projects. We took handover of a fully-fledged ICU comprising 14 vital signs monitors, liquid sucker, syringe pump, and portable radiographer.”

He said during COVID-19, QRCS has always been there to help both the hospital’s staff and medical care seekers. “All the ICU supplies were received today by the hospital. It is not something unusual for QRCS, as a main contributor to the health sector of Taiz and humanity at large,” said Al Hossami.

Dr. Abdul-Malik Jahaf, Chairman of the Al Thawra General Hospital in Sanaa, thanked QRCS for providing the Coronavirus control center with medical equipment, medications, and laboratory solutions.

A few months ago, QRCS had launched a fundraising campaign to commemorate the famous blogger Jaber Al Masoud. The funds will go to the restoration and maintenance of health care centres that serve an average of 25,000 poor Yemenis, mainly women and children. The fundraising campaign was highly welcomed by the benevolent donors of Qatar.

As seen on Peninsula Qatar  Image Credits Peninsula Qatar