Lusail Boulevard Transforms into a Spectacular Array of Colors with Luminous Festival

Doha, Qatar: Al Sa’ad Plaza in Lusail Boulevard burst into a dazzling display of colors as the inaugural Luminous Festival kicked off yesterday, attracting crowds of enthusiastic spectators.

Running until March 2, the festival promises a captivating blend of light and entertainment. From 5pm until midnight, visitors can immerse themselves in a luminous wonderland spread across the plaza, featuring over 20 interactive installations spread across five themed zones. Attendees can enjoy a sensory journey filled with live mascots, stage performances, and a variety of entertainment options.

Upon entering the festival grounds, guests are greeted by a vibrant mini tunnel adorned with an array of colorful lights, leading them through the different themed zones.

The opening ceremony yesterday dazzled spectators with a spectacular array of entertainment, setting the tone for days filled with family-friendly fun, live music, and mesmerizing light displays. Qatar Tourism described the festival as a harmonious blend of creativity and innovation, appealing to visitors of all ages and tastes.

The festival boasts five distinct zones, each offering a unique thematic experience. The Gateway welcomes visitors with installations crafted by the renowned international design studio Limelight, known for their expertise in lighting art and immersive experiences.

The Earth Zone, designed by Amigo & Amigo, captivates viewers with its garden-themed installations, while the Water Zone, inspired by marine elements, offers a glimpse into the wonders of the ocean, created by Atelier Sisu and China Light Festival B.V.

The Digital Art Projection brings the warmth of the Fire Zone to life through interactive installations, while the Air Zone, created by Airena, invites visitors to soar amidst luminescent artwork inspired by air and space.

Throughout the festival, a diverse lineup of performers, including Candela and Boogie Woogie, entertain audiences with cultural performances tailored for all tastes. International and regional artists also take the stage, ensuring a rich tapestry of entertainment for attendees.

For Gerald, a longtime resident of Qatar, the festival embodies a joyous celebration of community and culture. “It’s an incredible experience,” he remarked. “I hope they continue to host events like these, perhaps in different locations each year.”

Similarly, Prima from Portugal fondly recalled the festival's nostalgic charm. “The colorful lights evoke childhood memories,” she shared. “It's a beautiful experience that I look forward to sharing with my friends this weekend.”