Ashghal partially opens Al Jabal Intersection on Wakra Road

Doha: The Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ has partially opened the junction known as “Al Jabal Intersection” on Al Wakra Main Road after turning the old roundabout into a signalized intersection to connect Al Wakra Road and Mesaieed Road, Ras Al Jabal Street and Wadi Al Afja Street, as part of Al Wakra Main Road Upgrade Project, in coordination with the General Directorate of Traffic.

The opening included three lanes in each direction on Al Wakra Road, Mesaieed Road, and two lanes in each direction between Wadi Al Afja Street and Ras Al Jabal Street, where Al Wakra Road was expanded from two lanes in each direction to three lanes in each direction

The junction known as Al Jabal is a major link where it is located at the southern entrance of Al Wakra to connect the traffic coming from Mesaieed Road and the southern part of the Doha Expressway in the direction of Al Wakra Road to facilitate access to west Al Wakra via Wadi Al Afja Street or to the east of Al Wakra via Ras Al Jabal Street.

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The new intersection will facilitate access to many vital facilities such as Al Wakra Family Beach, Al Wakra Old Souq, Government service complex, as well as a large number of residential and commercial complexes on each side of Al Wakra Main Road, the intersection will enhance traffic to Al Janoub Stadium through its closeness to the southern part of the Doha Express Highway leading to the World Cup Stadium.

Al Jabal Intersection is also an extension to Al Wakra Main Road connected to Al Wakra station, where Al Wakra Road integrates with the Redline of Qatar Rail on its median, to tie Al Wakra and Doha through the two major stations of Al Wakra and Ras Bu Fontas.

By the end of 2020, the Public Works Authority will complete the conversion of the remaining major roundabouts, namely the Pearl and Ooredoo Roundabout to signalized intersections, additionally; two new signalized intersections will be constructed in Al Wakra Road, Al Razi Street and Al Wukair Road.

On this occasion, Engineer Nouh Al Joof confirmed that 66% of Al Wakra Main Road Upgrade Project has been completed which upon completion will improve traffic between Doha, Al Wakra and the southern areas.

Al Joof explained that the old roundabout has been converted into a signalized  intersection to connect AlWakra and Mesaieed, which will distribute traffic movement in all directions coming and leading to Al Wakra, Mesaieed and Al Wukair. 

He added: The intersection will facilitate traffic between the cities of Al Wakra and Mesaieed and provide different routes for road users coming from Mesaieed towards Al Wakra and Doha, the intersection will also facilitate traffic for those coming from Al Wakra towards Al Wukair and Al Janoub Stadium.

As seen on Peninsula Qatar  Image Credits Peninsula Qatar