Vodafone Qatar joins hands with Qatar Cancer Society

Doha: Vodafone Qatar has joined hands with Qatar Cancer Society (QCS) to support its efforts to treat cancer patients and raise awareness and education about the disease. 

In addition to helping QCS fund cancer treatment for patients who otherwise cannot afford it, Vodafone will use its significant following on social media to educate people about the importance of early detection. Vodafone will also continue to run its yearly cancer awareness session for its employees in partnership with QCS. 

The announcement coincided with World Cancer Day, marked on February 4 every year, and is a global observance that helps raise individuals’ recognition of cancer and how to prevent, detect and treat it. 

The day aims to save millions of preventable deaths each year by also educating people about the disease. 

CEO, Vodafone Qatar, Sheikh Hamad Abdulla Al Thani, said: “Vodafone Qatar’s backing of the important work Qatar Cancer Society do to support, empower and advocate for people living with cancer, forms part of our continuously expanding corporate social responsibility. 

It reaffirms our commitment to Qatar’s citizens and residents, raising awareness of the disease and putting this crucial cause in full focus. The private sector shoulders a huge responsibility to the community it operates in, and we will continue to do all that is in our means to give back.” 

The Chairman of the Board of Directors at QCS, Sheikh Dr. Khalid Bin Jabor Al-Thani, thanked Vodafone Qatar for its continued backing of the Society. 

“It is wonderful to see this large support by all institutions operating in Qatar. Increasing awareness and introducing educational activities spotlighting the disease is profoundly important. There is an urgent need for partnerships aimed at regularly working on cancer control, which is a charitable and humanitarian act, duty and commitment to the Qatari population.”


As seen on Peninsula Qatar  Image Credits Peninsula Qatar