The best sapphires

Mahallati Jewellery, one of the premier jewellery houses of the Middle East, is showcasing a collection of Ceylon sapphires – known as the world’s best sapphires – at the Alfardan pavilion as part of the ongoing Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition (DJWE).

“Sapphires from Sri Lanka, which are of exceptional quality, speak very well in terms of their complexion, colour, hue and the sheen brightness,” operations director Mohamed Mahallati told Gulf Times on the sidelines of the 18th edition of DJWE, taking place at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre until tomorrow (May 14).

Jewellery experts since 1968 and established by Abdul Karim Mahallati, the company offers a wide variety of jewellery, from everyday use pieces to bridal settings.



With more than 50 years of retail excellence, Mahallati experts guide and help clients “to find the perfect piece”, ensuring their “jewellery experience is one to treasure”.

“Imagine all the sapphires to have, like when you move from one side to the other as the light plays on the stone, the same hue, same colour, and clarity … it is quite very difficult to find this,” said Mohamed Mahallati, who is also the son of the owner.

He cited a huge demand for Ceylon sapphires in Qatar and the region, especially in a post-coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic era, as many people are keen to get back to normalcy.

“We see that here now, people are present, they are coming, and it is like how it is used to be and we are very excited to be back here,” Mahallati said.

“We have been participating for many years, and coming back after Covid, we can see a very cheerful and joyful experience right now,” he said, expressing optimism that the exhibition will become a success once again.

From a small workshop in 1968, Abdul Karim Mahallati is now joined by his children and has expanded the brand into one of the most trusted and renowned jewellery brands to come from the Middle East.

Mahallati began his journey into the industry at the age of 15 at a gold workshop in Iraq, where he learned goldsmithing.

He became passionate about the intricate workmanship that is crucial in creating superior and notable pieces.

Mahallati opened his own jewellery manufacturing facility and first Mahallati Jewellery boutique in 1968.

From there, he travelled the world to source the best materials for his jewellery collection.

From Japan, South East Asia, Africa and Europe, he developed the highest standards of jewellery creation, which remain a signature of Mahallati Jewellery today.

As his flair for quality created an increasingly strong demand for his jewellery in Iraq, Mahallati began to expand, establishing jewellery boutiques all across the Middle East with a head office in Dubai.

In 1998, he was joined in the business by his eldest son, Mehran Mahallati, who shares in the Mahallati jewellery credo of excellence and innovation in jewellery design and manufacture.

Together they further expanded the Mahallati Jewellery brand, opening luxury retail stores in Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Mall and Dubai Marina Mall.

Mahallati Jewellery is family-owned and run: Abdul Karim Mahallati is now also joined in the business by daughter Marwa and youngest son, Mohamed.

The company has a manufacturing facility in Thailand, employing more than 200 jewellery experts and incorporating in-house jewellery development, with retail and wholesale stores across the Middle East. (source:



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