Take booster dose, battle against Covid-19 not over yet: MoPH official

Doha: The Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) urged all people who had their second COVID-19 vaccine dose more than six months ago to get COVID-19 booster vaccine without delay.

In a video published on Ministry’s twitter account, Dr Soha Al Bayat, Head of Vaccination at Ministry of Public Health said that the vaccine campaign against DOVID-19 Qatar has been one of the best in Qatar and worldwide, but the battle against COVID -19 is not over yet.

“We need to work together to ensure the safety of the community and this is why we urge all those who are eligible to do so as soon as possible,” she added.

Al Bayat emphasised that scientific research about COVID-19 vaccine continue, and most recent clinical studies have shown that the immunity acquired from the doses of the COVID- 19 vaccine started to decrease and drop six month after taking the second dose.

This is why the Ministry of Public Health has announced recently that all those who took two doses six months before are now eligible to take the booster dose.

“If they have not taken their seasonal flu vaccine yet, I highly encourage them to do so at the same time to protect them from the virus,” she said.