Private companies go on hiring spree

Qatar’s private sector has come forward in stimulating local job market. Private companies have started mass hiring, signalling revival in Qatar’s job market. Many leading companies are now on hiring spree, highlighting prominent role being played by Qatar’s private sector in job creation.  

UCC holding was among one of the first companies which started mass hiring in September, indicating turnaround in the job market which was hit by COVID-19 outbreak. Taking the cue, other leading groups and companies have hit the job market and are scouting for local talent. 

NAAAS Holding Group, Galfar Al Misnad, National Industrial Contracting Company (NICC), the CCC (Consolidated Contractors Company) Group, IMAR Group, Saleh Al Hamad Al Mana and other big names are looking for talented workforce. They have placed advertisements in print and social media, seeking applications from prospective candidates. 

Companies from construction sectors are leading from the front in terms of hiring. Apart from construction, companies from logistics, health, food and beverages and retail sector are also scouting for local talent.

“The government has announced many new major projects which have created demand for construction companies,” a senior official of a construction company told The Peninsula. 

The ongoing hiring is not just for blue-collar unskilled workers. Companies are also looking for white-collar skilled workers. For example, NAAAS Holding Group has advertised for hiring professionals like civil engineer, HR Specialist, Digital Officer and Agricultural Operations Manager. Similarly, Galfar Al Misnad has advertised for Project Managers and Engineers.

However, the vacancies for unskilled workers are more than the vacancies for skilled workers.

The demand for technical jobs has also surged as companies are looking for HVAC technicians, industrial electricians, foreman and surveyors. Companies have also advertised for carpenters, masons, drivers, steel fixers, crane operators and labourers. One of the main features of ongoing hiring is the promise of competitive salaries by companies. They have said the new minimum wage will be applied while recruiting new employees. 

As seen on Peninsula Qatar  Image Credits Peninsula Qatar