Ministry of Awqaf Introduces Mobile App Providing Zakat Services

Doha, Qatar: The Department of Zakat Affairs at the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs introduced a new mobile app that provides various services for Zakat givers and recipients.

The app, currently available on Android and iOS in Arabic, will soon be accessible in English. The unveiling took place during a press conference held at the Ministry's headquarters.

Saad Imran Al Kuwari, Director of the Zakat Affairs Department, explained that the app offers Zakat calculation services, allowing givers to calculate Zakat amounts for gold, silver, and stock market shares, and make payments through Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB). Additionally, the app enables Zakat givers to electronically request the express collection service.

Al Kuwari mentioned, "The app provides services for those entitled to receive assistance after submitting the required documents through the application. Request status can be inquired about electronically, and users can apply to renew assistance requests if they are about to expire, along with other facilitation services."

Furthermore, the app allows users to seek fatwas (religious rulings) on Zakat-related issues and jurisprudence. The fatwa requests are directed to legal scholars specializing in Zakat fatwas, with responses provided through text messages. The app includes a comprehensive collection of fatwas on Zakat topics.

The application also features account numbers for the department in banks and Islamic banks, along with the locations of offices and collection points displayed on Google Maps.

Al Kuwari expressed gratitude to those who contributed to designing and programming the new Zakat Affairs Department application on smart devices. He emphasized the department's commitment to utilizing modern media, including smartphone applications, to encourage Zakat payments and enhance user convenience.

The Zakat Affairs Department collects Zakat from individuals and companies and disburses them to eligible recipients within Qatar. The department has diversified its specializations, focusing on promoting Zakat payment through various means, including advanced applications. The new app aims to raise awareness of Zakat's significance as the third pillar of Islam and facilitate the collection and distribution processes.

Zakat is a form of almsgiving, obligatory in Islam, often collected and distributed by the Muslim Ummah.