Update 5th June 2019 : Mahaseel launches first phase of marketing local produce


Doha: Hassad, Qatar’s premier investor in the food sector announced yesterday that Mahaseel for Marketing and Agri Services would commence receiving and marketing the local agricultural products in the Qatari market on June 5.

The company also announced that the government has allocated a piece of land, as a permanent headquarters for the Mahaseel’s project, near the new central market in A’Sailiyah.

Given the Hassad aims to support the local market needs, the company has allocated an assembly point at the current central market in Abu Hamour, to start the first phase until Mahaseel’s permanent facility is ready.

Mohamed Al Ghaithani, Mahaseel’s General Manager, said: We are pleased to announce that June 5 is the commencement date for receiving and marketing the agricultural products in the local market. Mahaseel aims to contribute to achieving self-sufficiency in the vegetable sector and ease the burden on local farmers’ in order to focus on enhancing the quality and quantity of local produce”.

Al Ghaithani said that Mahaseel has put in place a well-established operations module to ensure that the products are delivered to the assembly point, sorted, packaged then marketed in the local market in an efficient and smooth process, to ensure the product is delivered to the consumer in the best form.

Mahaseel is currently working with local farmers (who signed up) to identify the types, grades, and quantities of vegetable products that will be marketed based on their contracts in the first phase.