Mahaseel launches first phase of marketing local produce

Update: Mahaseel veggies in Al-Meera 

Mahaseel, a subsidiary of Hassad Food, on Wednesday launched the first phase of marketing local produce.



The initiative is part of efforts to ease the burden on the local farmers as well as to enhance the quality and quantity of the local produce.



More than 124 productive farms have now registered with Mahaseel, to benefit from the company’s marketing services, which were developed to ease the burden on the local farmers. This is equivalent to around 16% of the total number of local productive farms across the country (800 farms).



Prior to commencing with initiative, Mahaseel’s senior executives met with the registered farm owners to explain the operation process for receiving the produce, sorting, packaging and then marketing in the local market, to ensure the operations run efficiently and smoothly, so that the product is delivered to the consumer in the best form.


Mahaseel headquarters at A'Saliyah




"The company was established after studying the local market needs, and determining an efficient mechanism for providing support to the private agricultural sector, in order to contribute to achieving self-sufficiency. Today, we are marketing the first phase of local produce in the Qatari market," Mohamed al-Ghaithani, Mahaseel’s general manager, said in a statement.



As Hassad aims to support the local market needs, it will continue to receive and market the local produce from the company's current assembly point in the central market in Abu Hamour until Mahaseel’s permanent headquarters in A’Sailiyah is ready.



Hassad created Mahaseel for Marketing and Agricultural Services at the end of 2018, with the aim to increase the quantity and quality of local produce and ease the burden on local farmers.



Hassad Food recently launched the first solar powered irrigation technology in the local fodder sector, aiming to produce around 20,000 tonnes of fodder annually.








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