All eligible people to get booster shot; priority for elderly and at-risk groups

Doha: The COVID-19 booster vaccine shot would be administered to the general public but priority has been given to people over 65 years of age, and those with chronic diseases, a senior official at the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has said.

Speaking to Qatar TV yesterday, Dr. Soha Al Bayat, Head of Vaccination at MoPH, noted that the third dose has been proven to be safe and effective and will not have a different side effect than the first and second doses of the vaccine.

“All members of society are among the target groups to take the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine. The priority is for the elderly and people with chronic diseases and the frontline (workers) in tackling the virus,” said Dr. Al Bayat. 

MoPH’s announcement of administering booster doses of vaccines approved in Qatar — the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna — to individuals most at risk is considered the beginning of a new phase of the national vaccination programme for COVID-19, she added.

Meanwhile, Dr. Al Bayat emphasised that the annual influenza (flu) and COVID-19 vaccines can be safely taken simultaneously. 

According to her, the latest clinical evidence shows there is no increased risk of side effects when taking the two vaccines simultaneously. 

“This is good news for people at high risk of severe COVID-19 infection who are eligible for their COVID-19 vaccine booster dose,” Al Bayat added. 

As seen on Peninsula Qatar  Image Credits Peninsula Qatar