250 Participants Engaged in National Sport Day 2024 Events

Doha, Qatar: The National Sport Day (NSD) committee announced yesterday that the 13th National Sport Day, scheduled for February 13, will carry the theme "The Choice Is Yours."

Abdulrahman bin Musallam Al Dosari, Adviser to the Minister of Sports and Youth and head of the committee, emphasized in a press conference that the day aims to underscore the significance of sports in both individual and societal well-being.

Selecting "The Choice Is Yours" as the slogan reinforces the Ministry's message advocating for active participation in sports as a cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle, he elaborated. Al Dosari further disclosed that a group of spirited Qatari athletes representing various sports disciplines were appointed as ambassadors for National Sport Day 2024.

He outlined the diverse range of events planned nationwide to promote physical activity and sports during National Sport Day 2024. These activities are strategically spread across the country to ensure inclusivity and enable widespread participation, with an estimated 250 governmental and non-governmental entities expected to join in.

Al Dosari underscored that institutions across Qatar are aligning with Amiri Resolution No. 80 of 2011 on Sport Day, organizing a myriad of sporting events to encourage broad community involvement in physical activities.

Abdullah Al Dosari, Director of Events and Activities at the Qatar Sports for All Federation (QSFA), detailed the comprehensive calendar of events QSFA will host throughout 2024. This includes over 683 community events aimed at promoting sports and fostering community engagement in diverse sporting activities.

The annual celebration of National Sport Day in Qatar serves to elevate sports engagement in society, promote moral values, and highlight its myriad health benefits. It aims to instill an enduring awareness of the importance of sports in daily life and encourage year-round participation.

Qatar initiated the National Sport Day in February 2012 following the issuance of Amiri Resolution No. 80 of 2011, designating it as a paid holiday on the Tuesday of the second week of February each year. The day sees ministries, government entities, and public institutions organizing sporting events for employees and their families.

As a pioneer in organizing such an event regionally and globally, Qatar's National Sport Day has garnered significant attention, inspiring other nations to adopt similar initiatives. The event has become widely embraced across Qatar, appealing to individuals of all ages keen on spending a dedicated day focused on sports and wellness.