Position : Storekeeper

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Job Description :

Job Summary:Handling all warehouse operations-ensuring that the work is completed within given time line, assigning jobs to warehouse people, monitor all inbounds and outbound.
Key Result Areas (Responsibilities):
1. The team leader must be self-motivated and work with the minimum of supervision
2. They must possess and demonstrate leadership potential and accumulated warehousing experience to supervise or fill for the Supervisor if necessary
3. Ensuring effective, efficient and trouble free operations
4. Ensures operations are conducted as per SOPs deviations with suggestions, if any are reported to the Warehouse Supervisor/Manager
5. Ensures preventive maintenance is undertaken on the MHE’s under purview
6. Ensuring housekeeping tasks on regular basis
7. Maintain the utilization of the warehouse locations at optimum levels
8. Guides and motivates the personnel under his control for performance enhancement 9. Coordinates and supports the Warehouse Supervisor/Warehouse Management.administrative tasks of the team including preparation of shifts
10. Allocate and assign work to the warehouse operatives to ensure compliance with Departmental KPIs
11. Coordinates with the Inventory team to investigate discrepancies and non conformities and informs the Warehouse Manager
12. Verify all NCRs
13. Keeping all the ISO required formats in that standard
14. Frequently monitoring the temperature of the frozen chambers and report to the Warehouse Manager
15. Ensure the training of the warehouse operatives on the relevant MHEs
16. Coordinate with Customer Service Executives on documentation, other processes and other issues
17. Effectively utilising the resources (man and machine) up to the optimal level
18. Consciously utilizing resources according to their skills and competency so that tasks are accomplished on time
19. Lead by example in demonstrating proper techniques to improve performance
20. Ensuring accuracy at all times during loading into trucks
21. Institute immediate corrective action in the event of any inventory discrepancy

 Skills/ Experience/ Certification:
1. Diploma or an equivalent
2. 2-3 year of experience in logistics industry
3. Should have supervisory experience
4. Added advantage having knowledge of Warehouse SOP, ISO standards for Warehouse 5.    Should be knowledgeable on MS Office, MS Outlook and Warehouse Health and Safety Procedure
6. Excellent skills in Delegation, Coordination and Time Management Skills.
7. Has supervisory and leadership since will handle a number of warehousemen
8. Can communicate well in writing and verbal
9. Has the ability to resolve issues, conflicts and maintain cleanliness in the warehouse 10. Forecasting workload is a must as well as handles pressures with deadlines and targets


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