Mechanical Engineer - Outstation in Qatar water and Electricity (QEWC)

Position : Mechanical Engineer - Outstation
Company : Qatar water and Electricity (QEWC)

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Job Description :

Maximum Age:35-40 years
Preferred Gender:Male
Minimum Experience: 10 -12 Years

Major Job Activities/Responsibilities Maintenance & Planning : Plan for O/Hs for all Mechanical Plants and equipment in BOB, Workshop/Garage, Common Services, HVAC & Condition Monitoring in corordination with other section. Assess the present situation of the plant and if necessary plan for refurbishment of old and depreciated plant.
Organizing Resources : Organizing Mechanical spares-parts to meet short and long term planned and unplanned outages. Responsible for Budget for spare-parts for short and long term requirements.
Control : To maintain the appropirate data of work done for the provision of adequate plant history records, staff performance, statutory/technical records in order to have full control on all maintenance activities.
Lead : To lead the team of Supervisors for specific problems of Mechanical Equipments. To update them on relevant standard practices and new method being adopted.
Problem Solving : To identify and rectify problems which leads to extended plant outages. Recommend new method for improving the plant performance. To shift the focus to reliability centered maintenance.
Additional Responsibilities : a) To assists Head of Maint.-Desal in formulating long and short term engineering policies. b) Liaise with consultants and contractors involved with site activities for ensuring their timely completion of projects and to ensure that the performance and quality standards are maintained. c) Propose solution for engineering problems and limitations which effect the station's availability and performance .d) To provide technical specifications for tender documents associated with contract work to vendors and make adjudication for placing of contracts, and to provide technical supervision to ensure all work in compliance with contract document.


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