Cost Control Manager [urgently required] in United Equipment Group

Position : Cost Control Manager [urgently required]
Company : United Equipment Group

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Job Description :

Overall responsibility to lead effectively the cost control functions 
for the business unit.
• He is responsible for implementing policies, guidelines to 
establish appropriate cost control practices for the company
• Responsible for preparing &maintaining-accurate schedules, 
complaint estimate, budget for all projects, issue & maintain 
project cost and work-hour reports, fund management &reporting.
• Control projects budget-allocation of budgets to various activities.
• Set-up cost control procedures, cost back ground for proper flow 
up and control.
• Monitors progress for the purpose of payment certificates 
preparation, records running costs, compares to budget project 
cost control and accounting, forecasts and report to management.
• Possess broad knowledge of cost control concepts and principles.
• Understanding of Financial terms and strategies.

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