Woqod warns against using non-approved LPG regulators

Doha: Woqod has warned its customers against using non-approved LPG regulators, sold in the market, that may damage the Shafaf cylinders. 

In an alert on its social media, the company said that it has noticed non-approved LPG regulators that are sold in the market being used with Shafaf gas. Woqod warned against using this type of regulators as it may damage the cylinders and allow gas to leak from it and which may cause fires. 

The company also listed a few recommendations to ensure safe usage of the cylinders: 

1. Use only high-quality cylinder accessories, which are approved by WOQOD, such as pressure regulators and hoses. 
2. Ensure that regulator is properly installed and check for potential leaks, whether by tracking odour or by using soap water test at contact points. 
3. Ensure that regulator knob switch is turned to closed position when not in use. 
4. Safe and proper handling of gas cylinders.

As seen on Peninsula Qatar  Image Credits Peninsula Qatar