WISE organises conference on artificial intelligence

The World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) – an initiative of Qatar Foundation – has partnered with RoboTerra, a robotics company designed for children, to produce the second Curiosity Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and

Education, helping to bring education expertise from Qatar and around the world to a Silicon Valley audience. 
The conference included a roundtable to discuss human relationships with technology through speculative storytelling, using the imagination to explore issues and opportunities of emerging technologies on our educational systems. The discussion brought to light the inequities in communities struggling to keep up with changing technology. 

Stavros Yiannouka, CEO, WISE, said, “We are in the early stages of identifying how technology can work with education, and where we can nudge the technology to create a more promising future.” 
The Curiosity Conference also featured a variety of panels, workshops, and discussions about designing ethical and inclusive technologies, education in the AI era, rethinking learning systems, and reskilling for an AI future. And Steve Jurvetson, managing director and founder of Future Ventures, shared ideas from SpaceX, a private American aerospace manufacturer and space transportation company, including plans to launch broadband worldwide to help emerging communities significantly improve development and quality education.