WISE launches school leadership development programme

The World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) has launched Empowering Leaders of Learning ( ELL) – a school leadership development programme, targeted towards school leaders such as principals and vice-principals, and is designed and implemented in partnership with Dr Simon Breakspear, research fellow at the University of New South Wales.

ELL seeks to create school leaders who are equipped with tools and capabilities to form a leadership community of practice, while continually developing, informing, and sharing best practices that reach all educators to help execute system-wide improvement.

A cohort of 30 Qatari female academic vice-principals were introduced to the key frameworks of the programme and the nature of their participation. They will ultimately be able to build on their shared expertise and learn together, deepen collective capacity for system-wide school improvement in Qatar, and create opportunities for school leader collaboration in productive cycles of design, action, and feedback.

This is hoped to create a community of school leaders who will continue this process to empower all school leaders in Qatar.

“We believe that a lot can be done when school leaders not only build their own capacity, but when they also work together across the local ecosystem,” said Dr Asmaa al-Fadala, director of Research and Content Development at WISE - an initiative of Qatar Foundation.

ELL is part of WISE’s commitment to support Qatar’s Ministry of Education and Higher Education in achieving their goals for an efficient and improved system. It is also part of WISE’s commitment to build the capacity of educators to lead sustainable change processes in schools to improve student outcomes globally.

As seen on GulfTimes  Image Credits GulfTimes