Widam Provides 27,500 Sacrificial Animals for Eid Al Adha

Doha, Qatar: Widam Food Company has announced the availability of 27,500 sacrificial animals for Eid Al Adha, including 12,500 subsidized sheep for Qatari citizens and 15,000 goats at regular market prices for everyone, according to Musa Ahmed Al Othman, Director of Public Relations at Widam.

"The non-subsidized animals are goats imported from Somalia," Al Othman explained during a recent interview on Qatar Radio. He noted that a whole Somali goat will be priced at QR650 at Widam outlets nationwide.

"People can also purchase the goats through the coupon system via the Widam app, where they can pay and book," said Al Othman. He mentioned that coupon holders can collect their sacrificial animals from Al Wakra slaughterhouse on the first and second day of Eid Al Adha, with an additional charge of QR25 for slaughtering and porter services. Over 15,000 Somali goats have been made available for both citizens and expatriates.

He added that charity organizations will receive the slaughtered sacrificial animals on the third and fourth days of Eid Al Adha.

Regarding subsidized sheep for citizens, Al Othman stated that 12,500 sacrificial animals have been offered under a joint initiative, including locally produced breeds such as Al Awasi, Arab, and Al Najdia, along with imports to meet demand.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI), in collaboration with the Ministry of Municipality and Widam Food Company, is implementing a national initiative to promote local production and support sheep meat prices for Eid Al Adha 2024. This initiative, which began yesterday, will continue until Wednesday, June 19, 2024.

Under this initiative, two types of sheep are available: local sheep weighing 40kg and above at QR1,000, and imported sheep of the same weight at QR1,000 per head. Only citizens aged 18 and above can benefit from the initiative, with a limit of one sheep per citizen, requiring the presentation of their QID at Widam outlets located in Al Shamal, Al Khor, Umm Salal, Al Wakra, Al Sheehabiya, and Abu Nakhla.

There are additional charges of QR50 for slaughtering, cutting into pieces, packaging, and carrying the meat to the vehicles of beneficiaries, with QR34 for porter services and QR16 for slaughtering and packaging.

The initiative aims to regularize markets during Eid Al Adha, provide commodities at affordable prices, stabilize prices, and balance supply and demand. It also seeks to stabilize the local market during high-demand seasons and prevent unjustified price spikes in red meat.

For more information about the initiative, beneficiaries can contact Widam at 8000056.