Say Doha and people who’ve been there seem to go berserk! Yes, it sure does happen. Most of you might associate with it as the capital of Qatar, but there’s much more to this global destination than you can ever get to hear!
Dangling over the top edge of Arabian Peninsula and dwarfed by its neighbors Saudi Arabia and Iran, Qatar stands as one of the wealthiest nations offering a lavish lifestyle at the disposal of every individual. But, isn’t there something that sounds synonymous, yet finds a mention in every other sentence pertaining to this country?
You guessed it right, we aren’t going circles, but the answer is Doha. Not to play with our patience anymore, the discussion to follow will proliferate over certain reasons for you to consider traveling to this place. A multitude of people might vouch for the fact after getting a sponsorship in the country, an individual would want to lead a professional life here, anyway. Obviously, the land of riches with the maximum per capita income on the globe has plenty for you to enjoy every aspect of your work life. But, apart from numerous career opportunities, there’re a plethora of other things that make it special.

The Heritage, Tradition and Culture

As old school as it may sound, but the tradition and culture in Doha have always led the people to flock from various parts of the globe. The architectural heritage and wealth possessed by the destination is quite evident by the variety of forts and towers that stand firm and tall.
For instance, the Doha fort harbors Qatar’s traditional handicrafts and artifacts like Bedouin Sadu, wooden ornaments and fishing boats. Obviously, things that connect us with the ancient times sure do exist everywhere, but that doesn’t stop us from exploring further, right?
Museums like Al Zubara Museum, carved inside a fort is the oldest one present in Qatar. It one of the most evident structures representing the history of Doha.

Home To Jazz in the Middle East (The Only One Perhaps!)


The moment you read the title, you must be waiting for the Lincoln Center’s turn to come!
Witnessing a surge of tourists from the Middle Eastern countries primarily, Doha is the only destination where one can be in true cognizance with the essence of Jazz music.  The Lincoln Center, Doha offers an impeccable theatrical ambience for you to comfortably enjoy hours of jazz performances, by veterans coming from different countries.


The Amount of Amusement Activities You Can Enjoy

As you might have come to know through a lot of your friends who’ve been here, horses rule the hearts of Qatari population. Hence, it’s quite impossible for you to come in the months of October to May (the racing season) and not enjoy a race or game of Equestrian. 
Not only this, but a Dhow Ride around the Doha Bay would add immense pleasure to seeing the Corniche from the sea. Be it any tour company you sign up with, a three-to-four hour Dhow cruise in the evening would always be complementary. If not, ask for it. Goes without saying that it’s an experience not worth missing.



Who wants to Miss the Night Life Here!

The skyscrapers often seem beautiful, marvels born from the booming Qatari real estate industry, but is that it?
Night life in Doha was limited to a desultory few hotel bars and live music venues earlier, but the growth in expat population pushed for a much vibrant one in this exotic destination. A decent choice of venues and the iconic skyline of city lights make it an experience worth cherishing, when in Doha. For instance, the Pearl Qatar is home to a multitude of international and local hangout spots.

Yes, Qatar is the place to be, if all you desire is to dip yourself in every drop of fun and entertainment while working in the best global corporations. Right from the best exposure to a blissful tenure under the most skillful personnel, it is a country with the Midas touch. However, mentioning Qatar without the fancies of Doha makes it bereft of colors. Hence, any time you visit, make sure you have enough to mesmerize about this beautiful destination.  

Author Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment in Qatar and the Gulf. He is presently working as a content writer for Naukrigulf comReach him @ LinkedIn, nbsp;Twitter and Google+.