Water security in focus for Australian team to QF

With water security being one of the key issues Qatar is aiming to address through its research, development, and innovation efforts, Australian politicians have given an insight into the true impact of water running short during a visit to Qatar Foundation (QF). 

While touring Education City, Sam McMahon, Senator for the Northern Territory in the Parliament of Australia, spoke of how water shortages in parts of the country have now forced rationing of supplies.

“All of our cattle production relies on water from underground aquifers, and depletion of these is starting to become a problem,” she said.

“Water licences are being used to allocate resources and water rationing is starting to come in. Man-made activities are having an effect on our climate.”

Also visiting QF were Sharon Claydon, who represents the Division of Newcastle, New South Wales, in the Australian House of Representatives, and Catryna Bilyk, who represents Tasmania in the Australian Senate, as well as Jonathan Muir, Australian ambassador to Qatar.

During their time at Education City, they also met Dr Richard O’Kennedy, QF vice president of Research, Development and Innovation.

As seen on GulfTimes  Image Credits GulfTimes