The Hackers has now found a new way for threatening the internet users through video calling. The video calling facility can easily be hacked by a professional hacker and can be used for blackmailing. The warning for the users came from MOI (The Ministry of Interior), Qatar. The ministry by the time had caught several native and expats doing blackmailing. Several registered complaints are there with the criminal department in which people were forced to exchange money.

Girls are a major victim of this blackmailing. The girls become friends with unknowns and then they expose of their photos to the unknown friend, later on they will be blackmailed by threatening them with this videos.As per the Assistant director of criminal search Department, much virus software prevails for looting videos and pictures. Most of them are blocked by the antivirus programs but few escape from theses. Users are advised to update the safety software for their own protection.

The videos and photos looted can be also used to trace out locations and blackmailers can arrive directly to your home. Qatar is flooded with blackmailing crimes where people steal private information and use them financial transactions.