Vodafone Qatar showcases latest security solutions

Vodafone Qatar showcased state-of-the-art security solutions at the opening of the Doha International Maritime Defence Exhibition & Conference 2018 (Dimdex) yesterday, which will run until March 14 at the Qatar National Convention Centre.

Now in its sixth edition, the event is renowned to be a gateway to industry insights, solutions, and procurement opportunities for maritime and defence leaders from around the world.

Vodafone Qatar chief operating officer Sheikh Hamad bin Abdullah al-Thani said: “Security is a key concern for organisations globally. Protecting assets, devices, networks, data, and apps is an essential

component of doing business.

“Vodafone Qatar is committed to provide organisations in Qatar with the latest security products and services, leveraging Vodafone’s globally trusted expertise and presence in the field.”

Using Augmented Reality (AR) and projections, visitors to Vodafone Qatar’s booth located at the Barzan Pavilion experienced an immersive digital showcase of four Vodafone security solutions: Mobile Asset Tracking (MAT), Dedicated APN, Connectivity (Data Networks), and Security/DDOS.

Mobile assets are critical to all businesses, whether it’s delivery trucks or plant machinery, shipping containers or pallets. MAT enables monitoring the status of the key assets out in the field to ensure they are secure and are put to the best possible use at all times, and therefore reducing costs and increasing security. MAT is an all-inclusive solution, with everything from tracking devices to wireless network, hosting and reporting tools.

In today’s business world, connectivity is a key factor to success. With connectivity, security comes hand in hand, and it’s a crucial requirement to ensure the integrity of any business operation. Vodafone’s Dedicated APN solution uses private mobile data connections for added security.

Whether an organisation relies on data transfers from the field and back to a head office network, or relies on connectivity between multiple remote offices, a Vodafone Dedicated APN is the solution that facilitates that flow of information both efficiently and securely to offer organisations peace of mind and an optimised

business process.

Global communication is essential for continuous growth and sustainability and Vodafone’s International Network solution can be an organisation’s gateway to the rest of the world.

On offer are leased lines dedicated to transfer data from one location to another, Or Ethernet VPN, for a private connection between two locations, or private connection between one location and multiple locations through a private virtual line as well as an IP-VPN – which is a private MPLS-based WAN service, that enables you to connect all your business locations together via single IP-VPN Data Network. With these solutions, Vodafone allows organisations the ease of connecting geographically, across the globe.

With ever advancing technology and its dependency on connectivity, cyber security is ever crucial and indispensable to an organisation’s everyday business processes. Vodafone has partnered with ARBOR to protect organisations’ networks from Distributed Denial of Service attacks or (DDOS).

DDOS is an attempt to make an organisation’s online service unavailable by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources. With Vodafone DDOS solution, organisations are secured against all types of DDOS attacks, as well as any known malicious hosts.

Your network is provided with surgical mitigation, which removes only the attack traffic and block application layer exploits as well as defends against web-based threats and protect critical DNS services.

As seen on GulfTimes  Image Credits GulfTimes