A Hoax news about the birth of a Dinaosaur in Berlin goes viral on social media. The Hoax news spread says that in Museum of Natural History in Berlin, a dinosaur egg - which 200 year old hatched and if everything goes well we can soon see a dinosour in real.

The news spreaded across the social media ( especially facebook ) and people shared it virally through their profile walls. The hoax news get so much attraction for last few days.

Detailed Analysis

A message currently circulating via social media posts and email makes the outlandish claim that a 200 million year old dinosaur egg housed in a Berlin museum has hatched. The message features an image supposedly depicting the dinosaur emerging from its egg. The message links back to a 'news' article hosted on the World News Daily Report website. 

According to the article, the egg unexpectedly hatched after a heating system at the museum malfunctioned and inadvertently kick-started the incubation process. Supposedly, the live baby dinosaur has now been transferred to the Berlin Zoo where scientists can better study it.

But, of course, the claims in the story are utter nonsense. No dinosaur egg has hatched in any museum anywhere. Ever. The story originates from a fake news website called World News Daily Report. All of the stories published on the site are fictional and are apparently intended to be satirical or entertaining. 

The site has been responsible for publishing a number of absurd stories that have subsequently gone viral via social media, causing confusion and consternation as they travel. Earlier in 2014, the site released a hoax story claiming that scientists in Iran had discovered five-meter tall human skeletons. The fake story used photoshopped images to illustrate its false claims. And, the notorious - and totally bogus - Thailand Snake girl story also came courtesy of World News Daily Report.

For the record, while many dinosaur eggs have been discovered and are likely to be housed in museums, they are, of course, fossils of the original eggs. There is simply no way that a fossil egg could ever be viable or actually contain a living dinosaur. No matter how much heat one might apply to a fossil dinosaur egg, it is never going to hatch.

The image of the hatching dinosaur featured in the hoax report has been included in several other contexts and is apparently intended as a conceptual vision of what a hatching dinosaur might look like. The image is hosted on the Flickr account of a user called Dinorider d'Andoandor, along with many other conceptual dinosaur images.