Upgrading works on Tihama Street and Al-Mansour Street in Old Airport Area completed

Doha: The upgrading works on Tihama and Al-Masnsour Streets in Old Airport Area (Area 45) as part of a series of projects implemented by Ashghal to improve the network of roads across the country has been completed. 

Works on both streets consist of approximately 1.4 km of road works in addition to the upgrading of infrastructure networks and lighting systems and the provision of pedestrian paths.

Soud Al Tamimi, Manager of the Roads Projects Department at Ashghal stated that the Public Works Authority has implemented, over the past three years, development projects on a number of local streets in the densely populated Old Airport Area with the aim of upgrading them and relieving the significant traffic congestion in the vicinity. 

He also highlighted the importance of upgrading Tihama and Al-Mansour Streets as they are connected to some of the most vital roads in the area such as D Ring Road and Old Airport Street in addition to the role they play in facilitating access to several populous residential areas along with many commercial shops, health centers and educational institutions located around the area.

The range of works as part of the project comprised the construction of a roundabout on the intersection of Al-Mansour Street with Al-Horriya Street, the provision of 150 new parking bays in addition to a 1.4 km pedestrian path and upgraded street lighting systems.

The works included developing the area’s infrastructure, such as developing the main drainage networks and connecting homes to this network, constructing permanent stormwater, groundwater and wastewater treatment networks, and protecting the underground telecommunications, potable water and electricity utility lines.

As seen on Peninsula Qatar  Image Credits Peninsula Qatar