UK Launches ETA Program, Qatar Citizens Among Global Pioneers to Avail Benefits

Doha, Qatar: Starting from November 15, Qatari citizens can now enter the UK without a visa. The British Embassy in Doha announced that citizens of Qatar are the first in the world to benefit from the new Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) system.

To apply for an ETA, citizens can visit the official website. The application fee for an ETA is £10 (approximately QAR 45). Once approved, the ETA is valid for two years, allowing Qatari citizens to make multiple trips to the UK during that period. It's important to note that even babies and children will require an ETA for travel.

Qatari citizens can choose an ETA instead of a visa for the following travel purposes:

  • Tourism, visiting family and friends, business, or short-term study in the UK for up to six months.
  • Creative Worker Visa concession for up to three months in the UK.
  • Transit through the UK, even if not going through UK border control.

This announcement aligns with the UK government's plan, announced in June 2022, allowing Qataris and Gulf Cooperation Council nationals to visit the country without a visa. The ETA scheme is a significant step toward the UK's goal of achieving a fully digital border by the end of 2025.