How to Transfer Sponsorship of Employees in Qatar

If you want to leave your current employer to work for a new one, then the employee has to transfer his sponsorship to the new employer or cancel his current sponsorship, leave Qatar and re-enter on a new employment visa.

There are certain steps which need to be done in order to transfer your sponsorship and residence Permit.

Transferring of sponsorship will be possible only if the following conditions are satisfied:

•    You must have worked with your previous employer for one year at the least.
•    Previous employer must give approval for transferring sponsorship.
•    New employment is in same profession.
•    You must possess a valid residence visa.
•    Visa transfer is permitted only for a few categories of job position. Your designation should satisfy this condition.
•    Transfer of sponsorship is subject to approval by the Ministry of Interior.
Previous sponsor needs to fill up the application form that can be downloaded from:


Completely filled application has to be submitted to the Ministry of Interior’s General Directorate of Border Passports and Expatriates Affairs. Copy of business commercial registration, copy of business trade licence, copy of immigration card, copy of employee’s degree and/or professional certificate attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, No objection letter signed and stamped by the previous employer and appropriate fee should be submitted along with the application.

Once the application is approved, you will be notified. You have to submit your passport for cancelling the old residence permit and print a new one.

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