The Traffic Department has cautioned of stern activity against drivers overwhelming from right side and in addition those stopping in spaces committed for the impaired. 

Qatar traffic department overtake from left

Vehicles getting included in these two regular violations over and over will confront seizure for a time of one month or all the more, additionally the fines stipulated by the law, the Department said yesterday. 

Brigadier Abdullah container Nasser Al Thani, Assistant Director of the Traffic Department, said the watching group has escalated examinations everywhere throughout the nation to control these and other most basic activity violations. 

The office has additionally chosen to dispatch an open mindfulness fight concentrating on such issues that will run parallel with the review drive. 

He said stopping at spaces saved for individuals with exceptional needs and wrong overwhelming from right side in roundabouts and convergences are among the most well-known violations of the activity law. Both these violations include keeping others' rights been obviously said in the movement law, he included. 

"Considering the thorough outcomes of these two violations, the Traffic Department will take strict activities and vehicles (including in these violations) will be seized for one month or more, if rehashed, alongside forcing the fine said in the law," said the authority. 

Radars have been introduced in a large portion of the ways in the nation that are competent to effectively distinguish vehicles overwhelming wrongly from right side. This is a typical practice that helps a ton to congested roads in numerous regions, said the division.