Tips to sleep well
  1. Switch OFF
    Shut down all electronic devices let it be a tablet , laptop or a mobile phone, teh soft blue light from these electronic devices may disturb your sleep. Make sure you keep your phone in donot disturb mode, so that the sounds also wont disturb you
  2. Day Naps
    You will always sleep better in night than at a day time, if you have day naps keep it for 15 minutes or less. Keep an alaram and try to take the nap early part of the day. Never take a nap after 3:00pm which may disturb your sleep at night. If you feel tired go for a short walk or have a glass of cold water or just hopin to a call with a friend or the family :-)
  3. Set Your Body Clock
    Try to be on time for getting to your bed as well as waking up. Not to be exact same timings but roughly try to be on bed and wake up same time everyday and even on weekends. This habit will train our mind and the body to be on the healthy schedule
  4. Work Out
    Workout and sleep is highly related. Work out for atleast 10 minutes a day, it can be a regular exercise, a yoga routine or any other forms of exercise which keeps you going. Keep a regular timing for your exercise and keep it at least 3-4 hours before your goto bed time.
  5. Eat right
    Donot have heavy foods at night. Try to keep your dinner simple and also have your dinner at least an hour before bed. 
  6. Dim the lights 
    Dim the lights around your bed . Try to be in a lower light at least an hour before you goto bed, this will signal our brain to release melatonin which makes you sleep.

Do you have more tips? Feel free to share with us.