Three more stadiums to be unveiled in 2020: Al Thawadi

Doha: HE Secretary-General of the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) Hassan Al Thawadi said Qatar will unveil three more stadiums in 2020 at Doha Forum.

Speaking at a session in the 2019 Doha Forum, HE Al Thawadi said the preparations for the FIFA World Cup tournament were on-track, describing Qatar's hosting of the FIFA World Cup as a 'transformational opportunity'.

Al Thawadi said preparations for the tournament were on-track and will include the unveiling of three more stadiums in 2020. He also touched on the Arabian Gulf Cup and ongoing FIFA Club World Cup as ideal opportunities to test readiness while giving fans a taste of what to expect in 2022.

"Everything is coming together according to plan. Next year, three stadiums will come into the pipeline."

Al Thawadi said hosting international football's biggest tournament had the power to change perceptions and break down stereotypes of Qatar, the Middle East and Arab world.

"It's a transformational opportunity for the region to benefit from this great event," said Al Thawadi. "You have this powerful tool that can break down opinions not simply from an ideological point of view, but for the average fan.

"People and fans can build relationships. They will support their teams but they can also create a bond through their shared love of football."

Al Thawadi continued: "The World Cup was always an opportunity for positive change. All we can do (as a country) is strive to continuously improve. We've evolved over the last ten years and we're developing every day. We're implementing change and we're improving people's lives."

"The Club World Cup and Gulf Cup are a chance to listen to the fans. We want to ensure our plans meet their expectations for 2022."

On workers' welfare, Al Thawadi was questioned on the SC's engagement with Liverpool FC supporters' group Spirit of Shankly, which raised questions about the treatment of workers in Qatar.

Al Thawadi said: "We engaged with Liverpool and Spirit of Shankly, and opened ourselves up to questioning in order to dispel any misconceptions and answer their questions. We've been open and transparent on the genuine progress that has been made and that reflects our values as a nation.

"I think both the club and supporters' associations recognised we are genuine. We look forward to hosting them in Qatar when Liverpool fans arrive they will find a celebration of multiculturalism." 

As seen on Peninsula Qatar  Image Credits Peninsula Qatar